Automated Stock Administrator's Portal, or ASAP, provides Computershare employees and plan administrators with the ability to access Computershare computer applications and other resources through a single sign-on portal. The "self-service" capabilities are customized for each user. This facility will also house announcements and other communications that have been customized for each client.
Browser Support:
The ASAP system is optimized for use Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome web browser. To access ASAP AI or ECMT applications in Edge, IE(Internet Explorer) compatibility mode has to be enabled. Once user enabled IE(Internet Explorer) compatibility mode user will not be able to use Edge for ASAP applications such as ACT, PWI, FACT or CSR unless user turn off IE(Internet Explorer) compatibility mode.

Disable Your Pop Up Blocker:
Today's browsers offer settings to block pop up windows. Pop-up blockers are a good thing when you are "surfing" the Internet. They prevent some advertisements that clutter your workspace and take system resources away from you when pop-up ads appear in separate browser windows. However, there are applications of pop-up windows that are good and an integral part of a browser-based application such as ASAP. The ASAP system opens the service you request in a separate window, however the pop-up blocker mechanism still treats the command to open the service as a general pop-up. As such, if your pop-up blocker is active you will not be able to open any selected service. The instructions below show you how to train the pop-up blocker to allow ASAP to open services in new windows.